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Body Balance Chiropractic Reviews

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In your own words, please explain your reason for seeking chiropractic care, and any initial complaints. What advice would you give to a friend, co-worker or loved one who was considering taking a step toward better health through chiropractic? And finally, how has chiropractic made a difference in your life? Thank you for sharing.

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I suffer from scoliosis with pain in my neck and in my back. These problems affected me to the point that often I could not drive because I could not turn my head around to back up.  I, like many people probably, assumed that I could not benefit from chiropractic care because my spine has been fused from T4 – S1 my entire adult life.  After much encouragement, I began treatment for my neck with Dr. Burns and I no longer suffer from stiff necks and the pain has diminished greatly.  I believe if I hadn’t begun this treatment with him, by now I probably would have either had neck surgery or been headed in that direction. Dr. Burns also treats the muscle weakness in my ankles and feet due to my back surgery.

 - Jacki F. *

I started coming to see Dr. Burns in December 2007. A friend had won a raffle that was good for an evaluation and treatment. I have MS which causes balance and coordination issues and some neck pain. I started with a series of adjustments to help correct these issues. I now have less balance and coordination issues and less neck pain. At first I was worried about the cost of the care, but they worked with me and set me up on a monthly payment plan. I have referred others to come and see Dr. Burns and I will continue to do so. Dr. Burns and the staff are so wonderful.
- Bridget *

I came to see Dr. Burns because my neck and shoulders used to be so tight I was nearly always in intense pain. It was very distracting for my daily activities. After going through my corrective care with Dr. Burns, my neck and shoulder pain improved greatly. I used to take 12-16 ibuprofen every day. Now I just take 2-3 in the morning. I am now able to concentrate on my studies without being constantly distracted by pain. I no longer squirm to try to get comfortable. Now I am on wellness care with adjustments every 2 weeks to keep me feeling good.

 - Allison C. *          

I have degenerative disks, and about 2 times a year my back would go out and I would be confined to my bed for at least a week.  I started seeing Dr. Burns in January 2007. I recovered much quicker once the adjustments started.  My posture is much better.  I don’t have the minor everyday back pains.  Before seeing Dr. Burns, when my back went out I missed work and was confined to bed.  But in November my back acted up, and I missed NO work and was still able to perform daily functions (getting dressed, showering, etc.)  Probably more important is the fact that Dr. Burns really cares about your health.  Since April 21st, 2007 I’ve lost 84lbs- Dr. Burns was firm but fair and pointed out the importance of being healthy.  I started at 321lbs and as of 11/28 I’m at 237lbs and full of confidence!  I was skeptical at first about being twisted and contorted, but coming up on a year later would recommend chiropractic care to anyone.  Thank you Dr. Burns and the entire staff at Body Balance.                                            

-Jon Camp *

I have been a patient at Body Balance Chiropractic since August of 2007. My wife was a patient here, and it is conveniently close to our home. I started coming to Dr .Burns because I was having severe back stiffness and pain in my upper to middle back. During my corrective adjustment plan, I received a series of adjustments and electric stim therapies that eliminated the constant stiffness and pain. Originally I had fears that chiropractic wouldn’t work or make a difference with the pain I was having. With regular adjustments I am now able to sleep better and have noticed a great improvement in my flexibility. After I finished my corrective care I am now able to be on a Wellness Adjustment Plan to keep healthy for life. I have brought my children in to see Dr. Burns and I have also referred some of my close friends to his office. I would recommend this office to others because the staff is so friendly and they show you personal interest in your problems and health goals. They don’t make you feel like another file or case number like other doctor’s offices does.

-  Bill *

"Like most patients, I first came to Dr. Burns because of symptomatic pain.  I am a specialized nurse and I travel a lot.  When I saw Dr. Burns, I told him of my back pain but not of other symptoms I was experiencing, such as dizziness, depression, not thinking clearly, exhaustion.  With Dr. Burns great care plan, not only did I get pain relief, but my energy is back, depression lifted, thinking clearly and back on top of my game.  The results are nothing but dramatic and I am a true believer in chiropractic care, and Dr. Burns and his very friendly and professional staff.           

- M.M. *                                                                                                               

"Kudos to Dr. Burns!  I have suffered with back pain for 15 years- eating Tylenol by the bottle full.  After treatment, I can walk without pain and enjoy life again.  It is truly a miracle to be able to go to the zoo with my great-grandkids and enjoy it pain-free.  I certainly wish I would have known this 15 years ago.     -E.B.*

“I've always been afraid of going to a chiropractor.  I didn't put much trust in what they do.  In June of 2006 I hurt my lower back, so I decided to go to chiropractic care.  I was asked to fill out a form on all the problems I was having.  I never realized how many I had.  One of my problems was a chronic cough at night; I also had trouble sleeping and took Tylenol PM on a regular basis.  Since I’ve been seeing Dr. Burns, I’m sleeping better and my cough has stopped.  I recommend you give him a try and see how much better your body could feel!”     -D.V.*

“I have acid reflux disease that is absolutely better with adjustments from Dr. Burns.  He kept me from going to the hospital one day when my acid reflux was particularly painful.  Within a few hours of my adjustment my symptoms subsided and I felt 100% better.”        -L.P.*

”I am 14 years old and had severe stomach cramps to the point of nausea every morning.  I went to hospitals and clinics with my dad and they all said I was OK.  This has been going on, well off and on, but mostly on for 2 years.  I was even put on Zantac for acid reflux.  Come on, at 14?  My dad saw Dr. Burns for his back.  He talked to Dr. Burns about me and here I am.  Just 10 visits later and 100% pain-free.  Thank you all and Dr. Burns.  I’ve seen him help my family and I know he has helped me.  Thanks again.”    

“Dr. Burns has changed my life!  I have had shortness of breath and chronic shoulder, neck, and back pain for 10-15 years.  Within months I felt younger and my daily activity levels naturally increased.  Recently I started back to work part-time.  I would never have even attempted that before Dr. Burns.  My breathing has even improved.  I sleep better and feel good when I get up.  Now I feel like dating my life B.B. and A.B.  (Before Burns and After Burns).”     –A.A.*

“I am currently a patient of Dr. Burns, and he has been treating me for the past 5 months now.  In my fourth month of pregnancy I was having sharp pains in my lower back from sitting for long periods of time or from walking a lot on the concrete floors at work.  The adjustments have really helped my lower back and I haven’t had any more sharp pains throughout my pregnancy.  I am about a week away from my due date and hope that the adjustments will help me to have an easier delivery.”     –C.G.*

“Ever since I’ve been coming to Dr. Burns my life has been so much better.  I have more energy and my quality of life is a lot better.  I used to be very tired and sluggish and lived on Excedrin for the pain.  But since I’ve been getting treatment I feel like a new person.  Plus this winter I haven’t been sick as often.”     –B.K.*

“I started a new job and hurt my back the first week.  Being 54 years old and never once treated by a chiropractor, I thought I would wait for my back to heal on its own as I did so many times before.  One day in my pain I met Dr. Burns at a health fair and after talking to him made an appointment.  My back is in good condition and being restored to a state of health through regular chiropractic treatment.  I now would recommend chiropractic health care and Dr. Burns to anyone with a spine.”     –D.G.*

“When my son was 6 he was very light sensitive, which was causing headaches.  It was so bad that he wore sunglasses in the morning in our living room.  I took him to an ENT, an allergist, and a neurologist without any solutions.  I talked to Dr. Burns who advised me to bring him in for evaluation.  After one adjustment his headaches were gone.  That day I took him to the park; he was playing and came over and said, ‘My head and eyes don’t hurt anymore!’  He liked seeing Dr. Burns and had no fear of the adjustment, because Dr. Burns pretended my son was a motorcycle, which he thought was funny!  We are grateful for what Dr. Burns could do for him.”     –A.A.*

 “I have been seeing Dr. Burns for more than a year.  Being overweight has put a lot of strain on my entire being.  But with proper treatment, Dr. Burns has helped to alleviate the pain and I have been able to start exercising.  A doctor can be many things, but Dr. Burns and his staff are genuinely caring and concerned professionals.  They take the time to really listen, and do all they can to find a solution.  I now have a ‘spring’ in my step instead of a limp.  Thank you, Dr. Burns for giving me a new outlook on life and never losing faith in me.”     –B.M.*

“Dr. Andrew Burns has helped me to be able to exercise and stay healthy.  The adjustments keep me flexible and active at age 48.  Although he has certainly helped me through strains and injuries, I find it best to have routine chiropractic adjustments to prevent the injuries.  I mentioned my chronically painful ankle that had kept me from running for the past 10 years.  He adjusted my ankle in one session, and now I can run and jump again.  This was unexpected because I only thought of having my spine adjusted- not my foot!”     -U.K.*

“Dr. Burns, just a note to let you know as of today Jacob has been all dry nights since the 2nd of July.  One more week and I am throwing out the pull-ups.  Thanks for all your help.”     –S.P.*

“Seven years ago I was diagnosed with a chronic connective tissue disease called MCTD.  It combined the symptoms of Rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, and fibromyalgia, to name a few.  I was in constant pain, and at one point was taking 11 pills a day to control the symptoms.  In the morning I was unable to walk for about 30 minutes after waking, because the pain in my feet and legs was so severe.  Simple things like getting dressed or going down stairs were very difficult.  I would leave work almost every night in tears because of the strain on my back.  I was also having headaches almost every day and lived on extra-strength Tylenol.  I had never been to a chiropractor before and was nervous, but the adjustments feel great and now so do I.  My medical doctors can’t believe how well I’m doing!  I can function like a normal person, and have forgotten what it felt like to be in pain all the time.  I get adjusted every week for maintenance and prevention, and am no longer taking ANY medications.  I now know that pills are not the only option, and have learned how to really take care of myself.  Thank you, Dr. B, you’re a lifesaver!”     -J.G.*

I have been a patient of Dr. Andrew Burns (Body Balance Chiropractic) since 2003.  It is an honor and a privilege to be writing this testimonial.  When I first came to Dr. Burns, I had several problems.  The major one was my knees and back.  I was very impressed with the interaction I witnessed with other patients and myself.  The staff at Body Balance are not just professionals, but they are also very caring about their patients and their families.  They take an interest in your physical well being by not only treating the problems, but educating you as to how to prevent further problems and helping you to understand your limitations and your need to know how to perform your daily tasks without further hurting yourself.
I have watched Dr. Burns' practice grow over the years, and they still have the desire to treat all patients as individuals and spend as much as needed with them.
I am an overweight, 50+ woman and Dr. Burns and his staff have encouraged me into a weight loss program in order to help with my back and knees among other ailments.  I am now on maintenance visits and I look forward to them mainly because I know I will feel much better when I leave.  
I could go on and on with the praise I have for Dr. Burns and his staff at Body Balance, but I know space is limited.  I am doing things now that I never thought would be possible: walking, biking, playing with my grandson; and I owe it to a WONDERFUL doctor and his staff.
“Thank you Dr. Burns and staff for giving me a life." - Barb S. *

"Thanks for helping my headaches go away."  Brody V. Age: 8 *


Since I have been getting massages from Erika, my back and arms are much stronger.  I stay strong all week, and have quit taking Aleve and Arthritis medications because I no longer hurt like I did! If I miss a visit I know it, my muscles get tight and hurt! It’s amazing how much better I feel all over, my headaches have even stopped! Thank you Erica! - Deborah N. *

Prior to seeing Dr. Burns, I had extreme pain in my lower back. I couldn’t even stand up straight the first time I walked into his office. In fact, I was only 6 weeks away from running a half marathon. Since seeing Dr. Burns, my health has improved tremendously and I no longer have lower back pain anymore. I also was able to run my race with no problems; and I finished in 2 hours! I now consider the adjustments with Dr. Burns my “morning coffee” to start my day off right! - Rob Z. *

My shoulders were very tight; it would hurt after I rode my bike and after working all day at my computer.  I would also get headaches daily from the muscles pulling.  My lower back was also very tight and would lock up when I would put my 19 month old to bed.  I have been playing volleyball for 17 years, and for the past 5 I would only play at 80% because my shoulder would hurt so badly afterwards.  After seeing Dr. Burns for a short while, I can tell my body is on its way to recovering.  I no longer have headaches on a daily basis.  My shoulders are not as tight and do not hurt after I ride (which is about 3 days a week).  I can also play volleyball at 100% without the fear of having to ice it and take pain medicine.  Since I have been seeing Dr. Burns, my lower back has not locked up when putting my daughter to bed.  Thank you! -Sally S. *

I never realized how good it felt to wake up in the morning, get out of bed, and stretch…without pain. For so long I woke up with so many aches and pain in my neck, lower back, hip, really anything. Stretching wasn’t an option until I slowly got moving. My wife and oldest daughter were suffering from terrible headaches that they could not control. Then our path led us to Dr. Burns and things have never been the same. Now, I wake in the morning and stretch like there is no tomorrow. The girls no longer have their headaches. Short of calling him a miracle worker, Dr. Burns has helped my entire family feel better and live pain free. My wife, three children, and I cannot wait for our weekly adjustments! Not only do we feel better, but we love the staff too. We listen to what Dr. Burns tells us to do, by stretching and watching what we eat, and have never felt better! Thanks Dr. Burns for introducing us to the 100 year life! - Matt S. & Family*

Before chiropractic my feet were in such bad condition that I could not go a day without severe foot pain. Chiropractic has helped me greatly. Now, not only can I make it through the day, I can even play tennis everyday pain free! Not only has it helped my physical pain, but my friends have noticed I am more energetic and happier. Before chiropractic I had been to so many other doctors, including a professional orthopedic, where we literally wasted around $400 on custom inserts that didn’t help me at all. And after only a few weeks of adjustments I have seen more results than I could have imagined. Overall, I would recommend this for anybody who seeks relief from any type of pain; it really works miracles! - Kyle M.   age 15 *

Our daughter Lily had constant, chronic ear infections, and we were told she might need hearing aids.  After being told that, we wanted to try EVERYTHING to help her.  Dr. Burns explained that he could help reduce and or ELIMINATE the infections that were the root of the problem.  Regular treatment over the last three months proved not only successful in stopping ALL infections, but the hearing test yesterday revealed PERFECT HEARING!!  No hearing aids!  We send our love and thanks to Dr. Burns and his team for helping our baby, as well as the rest of our family! -Love and hugs to ALL, the Kauffman Family *

I always had colds and sinus problems, my arms back and feet hurt all the time. I started seeing Dr. Burns in November of 2008. Since being under chiropractic care I haven’t ever felt this healthy, I haven’t had colds or bad sinus problems. All of my aches and pains have been healed. It seems so funny not to complain about headaches or bone aches! In general, I feel AWESOME!

 - Deborah N. *


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