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Massage Services and Fees

Types of Massage

Swedish Massage - the most familiar European massage techniques are used to promote relaxation, circulation, and improve mobility.

Sports Massage - focuses on muscle groups used in athletic activity, combining Swedish massage techniques with trigger points and compression.

Deep Tissue Massage - an intense massage, manipulating muscles to relieve tension and pain. Great for athletes!

Pregnancy Massage - modified massage for expecting mothers to reduce swelling, focus on specific aches and pains due to normal pregnancy.

Headache Massage - addressing the root of the problem, specific trigger points and massage techniques used to tarfet the muscle and nerves in the scalp, neck and shoulders to reduce chronic and repeat headaches.

Stone Massage - incorporates basalt stones, heated in a water bath, and then used to massage and transmit the retained heat into the joints and muscles. You will experience a deeply relaxing and soothing heat that soaks into the muscles and joints as they are massaged.  *Chilled stones can also be used when joints or muscles call for cold instead of hot treatment.

Shiatsu Massage - a technique that employs characteristics of both acupressure and massage. Shiatsu uses finger-thumb-palm pressure on the body's energy points to help the flow of energy, like acupressure, but it also manipulates other parts of the body, like a massage.  *This technique is usually done through clothing.

Trigger Point Massage - also known as Myotherapy Neuromuscular Therapy, applies concentrated finger pressure to "trigger points" (painful irritated areas of muscles) to break cycles of spasm and pain.

Chair Massage - using a special chair that allows for correct spinal comfort and positioning. This technique is a great stress reliever for the client with limited time. No removal of clothing is necessary. Focuses on head, neck, shoulders, back, arms, and hands. Great for lunch-time stress relief during the work day.

Cupping Therapy - Its opposite than your usual massage! Erika will use different sized cups to pull the tissue and muscles, rather than compress them. This technique is superior bodywork for pain, stubborn conditions, repetitive strains, inflammation, toxicity, chronic fatigue, digestive problems and a slew of other issues we confront as we grow older. See the Cupping Therapy Brochure.

Massage Fees

15 minute session - $25.00

30 minute session - $40.00

60 minute session - $80.00


15 minute session- $25.00

30 minute session- $45.00

60 minute session- $90.00