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Meet the Staff

Meet the Doctors

Andrew Burns, D.C., P.C. was born and raised in Bainbridge, Indiana.   Years ago, something happened that changed his life forever.

Dr. Andrew Burns
"When I was very young, I was suffering from chronic ear infections.  I was having them at least once a month.  It was getting to the point where medication was not working anymore.  The doctors wanted to perform surgery to put tubes in my ears, but my parents wanted to try one last thing.  They took me to my grandfather who was a chiropractor.  He did an exam, took some X-rays, and then "adjusted" my spine.  The adjustment did not hurt; it actually felt good.  I got relief, and the ear infections went away.  I did not have to have the surgery!  I have never forgotten that, and from that day forward it was my decision to go to chiropractic school.  My grandfather also helped me when I was playing sports as I was growing up.  He took care of my spine and kept me on the field without missing any playing time!

Chiropractic has truly helped me and my family.  My goal in life is to help others experience the wonderful benefits of chiropractic.  At my office, our purpose is to provide our patients with the best care possible, so they can increase the quality of their lives.  Our mission is to help everyone live as long as possible, pain-free."

Dr. Burns received his Bachelor's Degree in Movement and Sports Science from Purdue University in 1996.  In 1998 he completed his Bachelor's in Human Anatomy.  Dr. Burns graduated from Logan College of Chiropractic in December of 1999.  He coached 7th and 8th grade girls' basketball for five years at Visitation Academy.  Dr. Burns worked with another chiropractor for one year, and has been in private practice since 2001.  His adjustment techniques include diversified, activator, and soft tissue techniques.  He is currently involved in yearly continuing education through chiropractic seminars, which not only help him to keep up to date, but also fuel his passion for the work he does.  He also delivers lectures on natural health and wellness to both private and public groups in the community.

Dr. Burns moved to the St. Louis area in 1996.  He and his wife Heather enjoy working out and golfing, as well as spending family time with their three children, Luke, Kate, and Drew.



Andrew Rackovan D.C., C.C.S.P.  was born and raised in St. Louis and is married to the love of his life Sarah. He enjoys staying active, playing golf, and anything related to St. Louis Cardinals baseball.

Dr. Andrew Rackovan

Dr. Andrew Rackovan is a Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician native to St. Louis, MO. He enjoys spending time with his wife (Sarah) and daughter (Kinley) along with staying active and educating the community on the benefits of a healthy and active lifestyle.

Dr. Rackovan's story is like that of most Chiropractic physicians. Athletics was a big part of his life when he was in high school and after suffering a potential season ending injury, a local Chiropractic physician was able to correct the issue when no other doctors tried. Through a series of adjustments and completion of an appropriate treatment plan, he was able to continue playing, finishing his seasons with high honors.

Dr. Rackovan obtained his B.S. in Exercise Science from Missouri State University and his Doctorate of Chiropractic from Logan University. He is the only physician that is a Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician in Fenton, MO joining just a handful of other Chiropractic Physicians in the state of Missouri. Outside of practice, he is a specialist instructor for the Department of Public Safety where he teaches at the police academy in the fields of health fitness and nutrition. He is heavily involved in the first responder community giving his time to educating them on injury recognition and prevention.

Through a combination of evidence and philosophy based care, Dr. Rackovan utilizes many different adjusting and soft tissue techniques allowing him to treat a wide range of conditions through conservative and non-operative management.

Whether you are looking for short term (treat and release) care or lifestyle focused wellness care, Dr. Rackovan is happy to provide either based on your health goals.



Meet our Staff


  Hello, my name is Amy. I’ve been working with Dr. Burns since 2003. Before that I worked for an endodontist for 9 years. I’ve always loved being able to help patients. My background in customer service and supervision has allowed me the ability to perform many different duties at Body Balance Chiropractic. What I love the most is not only being able to see our patients and their entire families feel better, but mostly understand why and how they can live life to their fullest potential.

I was born and raised in St. Louis but love to travel (preferably somewhere warm with sunshine and a beach). I have been married since 1991 to a wonderful man, Dale. When I’m not at Body Balance, I am helping Dale run his business- New Systems Air Conditioning & Heating, LLC. I enjoy being able to spend more time with him. I also have two dogs that are like our children (sad, but true). Sadie is a Lab and Harley is our Beagle.

I am here to help you with any questions that you may have regarding your treatment or insurance issues.  As office manager, I look forward to being able to meet you and your family and make your visit to our office memorable.   



My name is Grace and I am thrilled to be part of the Body Balance Chiropractic Team as the front desk assistant as well as New Patient Coordinator.  I recently earned my degree in Massage Therapy at The Healing Arts center. Being a patient of Dr. Burns I know firsthand the importance of making chiropractic treatments a part of your personal wellness care. I have always taken care of myself by eating healthy and exercising, but what I didn’t realized is that making sure you spine is in line, allowing your spinal nerves to function as they should, and getting regular massages makes all the difference.

I look forward to assisting you with your journey to a healthier lifestyle. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask. 


  Hi!  My name is Erika.  I’m very excited to have joined the Body Balance Family in July, 2009.  My little girl has been a patient of Dr. Burns since she was just a tiny baby.  We began regular adjustments for her after she experienced several ear infections.  Our experience was so outstanding that I decided to join the team! 

I’ve been a licensed Massage Therapist for 19 years.  I’ve practiced massage in a spa setting, a physical therapy clinic and Chiropractic center in Washington, MO.  My knowledge of sports and accident/ injury massage has been most beneficial to the patient when combined with chiropractic care.

I moved to Fenton almost 5 years ago.  I recently decided to practice closer to home so that I could spend more time with my daughter Tallia and my husband Nick. We live close by with our two dogs Kaiser and Maggie. I also decided to join Dr. Burns team because I want to help the people of my community by sharing with them the many benefits of massage therapy.

   My experience with Chiropractic has been life changing!  That’s why I’ll continue to work closely with Dr. Burns.  I suffered most of my childhood with migraines.  I was prescribed many medicines but could never understand why they weren’t working.  It wasn’t until after I learned in school that Chiropractic would get to the root of the problem.  The drugs I was taking were only masking the symptom.  With regular adjustments I am proud to say I am Migraine free!  Chiropractic has been my lifesaver!

I’ll look forward to meeting all of the patients in the Body Balance Family.  I know together Dr. Burns and I can achieve your goals of a healthier, pain free you!